In the summer of 2012 Dale Hoffmann and his family had the pleasure of visiting Germany for his son Eric's wedding. While Dale did not have time to visit the Meinel Weston tuba factory, he did get to see and hear an Alphorn ensemble in the shadow of Neuschwanstein Castle.

Dale spoke to one of the musicians and even got to play his horn. They exchanged email addresses before the Hoffmann family climbed the hill to tour the castle.

Dale didn't see any other Alhorns that trip, but he left Germany with a newfound interest in the instrument most Americans only know from the Ricollo commercials. He kept in contact with the guy he met and began researching Alphorn makers. The most convenient choice would have been a Canadian seller, but he was currently in the process of moving and wouldn't have any horns available for a couple years. Undeterred, Dale weighed the European options and settled on one located fairly close to Eric's home in Germany. He convinced Eric to act as broker and courier. After purchasing the 12 foot long instrument, hand-carrying it on 3 planes, and arriving in Sheridan for Christmas of 2012, Eric presented his father with the first of the Big Horn Alphorns.

It didn't take long for Dale to spread word to others in Sheridan. Those who have seen and heard Alphorns can understand their appeal, and within a few months Dale had convinced Edre Maier and Patricia Dray it was time to form an ensemble. Those 3 constitute the founding members of the Big Horn Alphorns. And, as they say, the rest is history.