Our Members

Dale Hoffmann

Dale started playing a tuba in 1963 in the school band, and played again briefly in 1967. It wasn't until 1990 that he was able to play on a regular basis. At that time he was using a sousaphone in the Sheridan Community Band. He's since started playing with several groups, including We're Here for the Beer, a German Polka band, the high school and college pep bands, the Cloud Peak Symphony, The Salvation Army Band, his family brass ensemble, and numerous other events. Dale grew interested in the alphorn after a family trip to Germany and has been playing since January 2013.


Edre Maier

Edre is currently retired. During the last 25 years she was very active with Historic Preservation projects in Sheridan Wyoming. Edre began playing the French Horn in the 4th grade in Potsdam New York and continued to play through high school. She did not pick the instrument again until she moved to Sheridan and joined the community college band in 1988. Edre has also played the E flat alto horn for the Buffalo Bill Band and was recently introduced to alp horns by Dale Hoffmann. She now owns an alp horn and is a member of the Big Horn Alp Horns.


Patricia Dray

Patricia has been an avid musician since childhood. Her first instrument was, the accordion and once in middle school followed in her father's footsteps and played the trumpet. Although trumpet has been Patricia's primary instrument, she has played the French horn, and is currently playing the euphonium and learning the cello. Since Patricia has moved to Sheridan, she has been a member of the Sheridan College Wind Ensemble, Collegiate Chorale, and the Sheridan Buffalo Bill Band. The alphorn has added another dimension to Patricia's musical endeavors.


Doug Moore

Doug Moore is the newest addition to the Big Horn Alphorns. He is presently the Band Director at Sheridan Junior High School. He has taught instrumental music for over 30 years; 16 of those years here in Sheridan. Doug has a Bachelors degree in Music Education from the University of Illinois and a Masters Degree in Music Education from Southern Illinois University. He has enjoyed playing the trumpet professionally and semi-professionally for over 40 years. He is excited to experience the challenge of playing the alphorn and thrilled to be joining friends in this ensemble.